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Female foeticide, not only being a cause, is also an effect of another problem in India. The presence of individuals outside the medical profession, in particular those involved with human rights, would have helped to prevent fraternity bias — an unwillingness to bring medical colleagues to account.

P A pregnant woman wanted to get her abortion done because there was a girl child in her womb. Death just after birth Another form of eliminating the girl child has been the practice of female infanticide. If India adopts more nonconformist, countries everywhere, with female foeticide being practiced, will have a example to look up to.

International journal of sociology. In this case the Court took on the unique role of actually monitoring the implementation of the law and issuing several beneficial directives over the course of 3 years during which the happens female foeticide essay writer was proceeding in court.

But there are some gynecologists who have begun to raise voice against the sex happens female foeticide essay writer abortions. The former Chief Justice Y. Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v.

However, in practice we find that these provisions have been misused and are proving against the interest of the females. Other than this exception all other activities would come under the ambit of an offence and shall be punishable under this Act.

The data suggests the existence of high sex ratios before and after the arrival of ultrasound-based prenatal care and sex screening technologies in India.

Liberalisation of abortion laws was also advocated as one of the measures of population control. This is a graver matter than the ideology of mail order brides. Is an imbalance in the number of females a truly worrying matter. This involved examining the organizational structure, observing 26 clinics, and distributing a questionnaire to patients.

Continuation of pregnancy would entail a substantial risk of physical and mental handicap to the newborn child. However, this good intentioned step was being used to force women to abort the female child. The function of the Supervisory Board is to oversee, monitor, and make amendments to the provisions of the Act.

Therefore selective abortion and sex choice are going more common. At the same sources as the individualecological frame: The current usage emerged with the s feminist movementswhich aimed to raise feminine consciousness and resistance against gender oppression.

A taxonomy of developmental processes, independent of sex, ethnic background or those from lower social surplus, the competimaximizing the total size of government. Female Infanticide and Foeticide It is regrettable that female infanticide and foeticide are rapidly decreasing the female population throughout India.

It besides provided for compulsory enrollment of familial guidance Centres. InPlanned Parenthood of Central Missouri v. It further gave them the right to decide on having or not having the child.

Unfortunately, developed medical science is misused to get rid of a girl child before birth. Act done with purpose to forestall kid being born alive or to do it to decease after birth Whoever before the birth of any kid does any act with the purpose of thereby forestalling that kid from being born alive or doing it to decease after its birth.

Status would be eliminated, and everyone would be equal. Deteriorated Status of Women: The petitioner is said to have engaged in getting abortions done in her hospital in collusion with doctors, who determined the sex of the foetus by conducting ultrasound tests.

With PNDT Pre Natal Diagnostics Techniques Act being enforces, government attempted to regulate the use of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for legal or medical purposes and also prevent it by setting up a central body with powers and functions to check it.

Unplanned pregnancy is generally the reason behind abortion. The Ministry of State for Health and Family Welfare is besides shiping on a monolithic national degree consciousness and sensitization programme on a sustained footing to look into female foeticide.

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Female genital mutilation is defined by the World Health Organization as "the removal of part or all of the external female genitalia and/or injury to the female genetic organs for cultural or other non-therapeutic reasons".

Female genital mutilation results in femicide when women and girls die due to unhygienic practices of FGM that result in.

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Female foeticide, not only being a cause, is also an effect of another problem in India. The Dowry system is a minor cause of female foeticide. In India dowry is what the bride gives to males family. Female Feoticide Essay Sample. A Cry Still Unheard: The Menace Of Female Foeticide In India “I am girl of India - Female Feoticide Essay Sample introduction.

I am like your girls who are playing in your premises. who are conveying awards to the state like Sunita Williams.

This is the cry of an unborn girl. Female foeticide means killing an unborn girl. Man has covered a long distance from prehistoric ages to 21stcentury, during this. Female foeticide is the act of aborting a foetus because it is female.

This is a major social problem in India and has cultural connections with the dowry system that is ingrained in Indian culture, despite the fact that it has been prohibited by law since Summary: Describes how female infanticide and foeticide are rapidly decreasing the female population throughout India.

Outlines the main factors responsible for the increase in the incidence of female infanticide and foeticide, including the low status of women, son preference, and the practice of.

Happens female foeticide essay writer
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